Tech Review: Apple Music vs. Spotify


With music streaming services steadily gaining popularity, Apple has created Apple Music, an addition to their previous music radio and iTunes services, as a way to compete with the other streaming services, mainly Spotify. I am new to music streaming (I like to listen to music when I am walking or driving so I create playlists), however it does come in handy when I want to listen to a specific song or artist. Usually, I would use Pandora or Songza, but not knowing if you will like the next song and dealing with skip limits can get annoying. With Spotify and Apple Music being so similar, which should you get?

You should get Apple Music if:

  • you have an Apple device (the Andriod version is coming this fall)
  • you like the idea of sharing this service with your family (Apple Music has cloud sharing for an extra fee)
  • you don’t have a lot of storage on your Apple device for music
  • you like to create your own playlists

You should get Spotify if:

  • you don’t want to pay for premium (Spotify has a free option, but there are ads)
  • you are a student (there is a discount)
  • you have been using Spotify in the past and don’t see a reason to switch it up
  • you don’t mind having your music on shuffle

Other than that, the two services are pretty much the same. They both are $10, they both give access to a huge music library, and (soon) they are both available on all devices.

Have you tried Apple Music or Spotify? Which one did you like better? Did I miss any of the features?

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