How to Create Your Own Internship

  Internships provide great experience whether we like them or not. The greatest benefit is that you get to meet people in the industry and network with them. But what happens if the company you really want to work for does not offer any internship programs? Or what if you live in a city where there aren’t many opportunities? Here’s some help:

Company Doesn’t Offer Internship Program

Sometimes if your dream company doesn’t offer an internship program, you have to present it to them. What I mean is that you should gather all information and pitch it to them. To do this you should:

1. Go on the website and learn about the company

2. Determine which areas you would like to assist in

3. Craft a pitch explaining who you are and what your experience is. Use this to persuade them as to why they should open a position for you. Mention things like why you want to work for the company, what sets you apart and what the logistics of the position would be.

You Don’t Live in an Area with Many Opportunities

The internet has opened so many doors for those who don’t live in major cities. Many companies offer virtual internships so you can do all of your work at home and still be able to add experience to your resume. To find a virtual internship, you can use a search engine, internship search websites like or social media.

I hope this was helpful. P.S. Don’t forget to read these:

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Interview prep list

Hello everyone!

Happy belated Thanksgiving! We had a week off from school, so I took the time to make some DIY Christmas decorations, do homework, and make this handy checklist for you all. If you are preparing for an interview and don’t know where to begin then this is perfect for you. Or if you have had interviews in the past but you always get nervous and need something to help you mentally prepare then this is perfect for you also. I divided it into categories so that you aren’t overwhelmed looking at a huge list of tasks. Also if you have any questions or need me to clarify, shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

 Interview Prep Checklist

Internship series part 4: Mastering the Resume


Welcome to part 4 of my internship series! We’ve already covered where to look for internships, how to fill out your job application, and mastering the cover letter, so if you missed any of those, feel free to click the links to read them.

If you’ve never seen or written a resume before there are a few things you want to keep in mind:

  • it should be one page
  • it should contain your name, contact information, education, work experience, and, if applicable, skills and awards
  • it should be free of grammatical errors