Where do I find internships?


Now that it’s officially internship season, the first step is to actually find internship listings. These are a few of my favorite places to find internships:

Chegg: Not just for books, they also feature career advice

InternMatch:They’ve partnered with Looksharp to provide internship listings

InternQueen: I had the chance to meet Lauren (the Intern Queen) and she had great advice, so her website is great as well. She comes to college campuses to speak so if she comes to yours, definitely attend.

LinkedIn: Most people don’t know that LinkedIn has a job listing portion on their website. You can search by keyword and city, and you’ll also be able to see if any of your connections have worked there or if you have a second or third connection to someone who works there.

Social Media: There are a lot of opportunities out there on social media, I found my first internship through a company posting on Facebook. Do a twitter or instagram search on #internships and something will come up. Or, if there is someone you want to work for in particular, follow them on social media and when the time is right, reach out to them regarding a work position or volunteer.

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