College Diaries: Making the Transition from High School to college easier

Sorry for the hiatus in my posts, but I’m officially a college student, and I’ve been running around trying to make sure everything was on track for the semester. Now that I am all settled in, I want to share a few tips with you on how to make your transition from high school to college easier.

1. Find out if any of your friends will be attending the same school.

Some of my friends from High school are attending the same college as me, and it has helped to have them as a support system. When I was leaving for school, I didn’t feel so overwhelmed because I knew I had friends to help me along the way.

2. Familiarize yourself with the campus.

Over the summer, I looked over a map of my campus to get a feeling of where things were located, and it helped so much! My first day on campus, I knew where my dorm was located, how to get to the student center, and where the dining halls were. I’m the type of person who always needs to know how to where I’m going and how to get there (my friends call me “mapquest” because I know my directions), so looking at a map was something I normally do anyway.

3. Take advantage of campus resources.

College means a lot of freedom and being independent, but it doesn’t mean you are alone. My school has a counseling center, health center, a center for college activities, and much more, so whenever I have a problem or need to get something done, I know that there is a resource available.

Are you in college? What made the transition from high school to college easier for you?

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